International Soccer is a website where you can get all your World Cup Matches from 1970-present.  As of right now only World Cup matches will be available.  Within a few months other International Matches such as Confederation and World Cup qualifiers, as well as Confederation Tournaments will be available for purchase.  The website will be updated as more matches will be available for purchase.

Note: All matches are recorded Full-Time (including Extra-Time and Penalties).  All matches are recorded from different TV stations.  Only OFFICIAL National Team matches will be available for Purchase.  Also, matches will be available for purchase on DVD for $15 + shipping and handling.  Every match requested on VCR will be $25 (without shipping and handling).   



I have a collection of all the 2006 World Cup Matches.  If anyone needs a copy of any of the matches, Please, e-mail me at , and I will gladly make you a copy of any matches of your choice On DVD Only for $15 + shipping and handling.  ALSO, I HAVE about 90 % of all matches from previous World Cups from 1970-present.  If you are interested in purchasing any please, let me know.  Just tell me what (a) which World Cup, (b) what match, (c) the date the match was played, and what (d) Round the match was played.  

I should have the match, unless if it is the dozen or so that I don't have in my possession at the moment.

Shipping and Handling Fees:

1 to 4 DVD = $5                                                              

5 to 8 DVD = $8

How to Purchase:

Let me know what games you want to purchase by sending me an e-mail at  Once, I check what you want, I will send an e-mail back to you with the total amount of cost for the DVD's + shipping and handling.  Reference: Only 8 DVD's could be purchased per order.

Then you will send me a money order of the total cost of your purchase.  Once, I receive the money order and cash it, I will send you the DVD's that you purchased within 3 weeks.  Reference: Only money orders will be used as method of payment.



Germany vs. Costa Rica England vs. Paraguay Argentina vs. Cote d' Ivoire Mexico vs. Iran United States vs. Czech Republic Australia vs. Japan South Korea vs. Togo Spain vs. Ukraine
Poland vs. Ecuador Sweden vs. Trinidad & Tobago Serbia & Montonegro vs Netherlands Angola vs. Portugal Italy vs. Ghana Brazil vs. Croatia France vs. Switzerland Tunisia vs. Saudi Arabia
Germany vs. Poland England vs. Trinidad & Tobago Argentina vs. Serbia & Montonegro Mexico vs. Angola Czech Republic vs. Ghana Japan vs. Croatia France vs. South Korea Saudi Arabia vs. Ukraine
Ecuador vs. Costa Rica Paraguay vs. Sweden Netherlands vs. Cote d' Ivoire Portugal vs. Iran Italy vs. United States Brazil vs. Australia Togo vs. Switzerland Spain vs. Tunisia
Ecuador vs. Germany Sweden vs. England Netherlands vs. Argentina Portugal vs. Mexico Czech Republic vs. Italy Japan vs. Brazil Togo vs. France Saudi Arabia vs. Spain
Costa Rica vs. Poland Trinidad & Tobago vs. Paraguay Cote d' Ivoire vs. Serbia & Montonegro Iran vs. Angola Ghana vs. United States Croatia vs. Australia Switzerland vs. South Korea Ukraine vs. Tunisia


Germany vs. Sweden Argentina vs. Mexico England vs. Ecuador Portugal vs. Netherlands Italy vs. Australia Switzerland vs. Ukraine Brazil vs. Ghana Spain vs. France



Germany vs. Argentina Italy vs. Ukraine England vs. Portugal Brazil vs. France



Germany vs. Italy

Portugal vs. France